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Here at Gigglewoods, we are book people.

We love stories and can't resist sharing books that we love with our friends. See one you like? Just click the cover!
These are affiliate links here to Amazon.  If you end up shopping our affiliate program, the proceeds go right back into our nature based early childhood adventure classes and we thank you for your support. 


Why we love it?
There are real pictures of animals in states of dormancy, plus it's well written for kids on an uncommon topic. 


Why we love it?
There are real pictures of robins and their nests, plus the flow of the story is great for preschoolers to Kindergarten.


Why we love it?
The 3rd in the Digger books, we love the message of caring in these delightful stories.
 Make sure to get this one too. 
The Digger & The Duckling 


Why we love it?
Tons of amazing activities and things to do for the whole family! When you can't be at Gigglewoods, this is a close second!

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