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Do you offer in person classes?
Yes, we offer Tandem Adventures that are 75 minutes long and are for caregiver and child to attend together.
We also have our Independent Adventures, which are our drop off program twice a week for three hours. 

What ages do you accomodate?

We specialize in early childhood, which is 18 months to around 7 or 8  years old.

I'm not really and "outdoorsy" person.  Where do I even begin?

We recommend dressing for the weather. The right gear really does make a huge difference. No one is having fun if they are wet with their pants are all bunched up. We promise, if you and your tiny human come with the correct attire an open mind, we'll all have fun together.
Bonus: Children in nature educational environments sleep better at night, have less anxiety, longer attention spans and are generally just nicer to be around. 

What if it rains?

Some of the best adventures are had in the rain! Puddles, drips and splashing are all a part of learning. We suggest that your child (and YOU) are dressed for the weather so that you can take part in every part of learning.  Some Suggestions

Will my child actually learn anything?

Absolutely! The Gigglewoods curriculum builds on your child's innate curiosity and from there, will learn math concepts (like volume and measurement), vocabulary words (like petrichor and psithurism), scientific skills (like compare, contrast and categorize) and life skills which cannot be graded (like situational awareness and appreciation for life), just to name a few!

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